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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Semester's Focus *** (Input requested!) ***

Many of you know, we've decided to participate in the series of debates that the Federalist Society is sponsoring thoroughout the nation on various aspects of the "War on Poverty."

Originally, I had wanted to host discussions of how the War on Poverty impacts and interacts with family law. I still like that idea.

A thought that ocurred to me today as I sat in the incredible traffic mess that is now the normal state of commuting in the Baltimore-Washington area (and increasingly throughout the nation). The thought was this:

How does traffic management policy affect the poor?
I think that there is probably a discernable connection between the policies that guide road-way development and the War on Poverty. For example, is the failure to construct sufficient roads to handle traffic without cronic congestion equivalent to economic discrimination? It does drive up property values near employment centers because people who can afford it, won't choose to spend siginficant portions of their lives stuck in traffic. By using development policy and other "smart growth" tactics, are the people of the state really being served in the preservation of the environment, or does it primarily serve to drive real-estate prices out of the reach of most working-class individuals?
Let me know what you all think about either of these policies. Perhaps we can sponsor debates on both. If you have a different idea, make sure you share that too!


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