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Friday, October 22, 2004

Panel Discussion or Propaganda…

The following is the statement that the UBFS issued and posted, as a full-size poster, on the door to the auditorium of the one-sided homeland security "panel discussion" mentioned previously

Panel Discussion or Propaganda…
Can you tell the difference?
Professor Tiefer can’t.
Or, if he can, he won’t tell you.

The UNIVERSITY OF BALTIMORE FEDERALIST SOCIETY takes exception to this “panel” discussion because there appears to be no balance of opinion.

IF Prof. Tiefer attempted to obtain one or more conservative experts on homeland security he was unsuccessful. Perhaps that’s because he did not contact either conservative student organization (the UB Federalist Society or the UB Republican Caucus) for assistance in obtaining experts who would present arguments in favor of the policies of the current administration.

The UNIVERSITY OF BALTIMORE FEDERALIST SOCIETY fiercely supports Prof. Tiefer’s right to have and express his opinion on this and every other issue, however, we see the description of this event as a “Panel Discussion” to be intellectually dishonest, and in opposition to the fundamental purpose of public universities and the nature of education.

And to the question of “Are We Safer?” - The answer is YES! Even small children learn, eventually, that closing one’s eyes does not make unpleasant reality disappear.


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